About us

My name is Diana, founder of SBD living and creating in NY.  Thank you for visiting "Scents By Diana" where everything is Hand Made with love and care. I’ve always been obsessed with perfumes, skin care, candles and everything that is scented. I’ve always bought non- toxic lotions, perfumes, soaps, etc. I started this candle business for my love of scented candles and natural products. I’ve noticed throughout the years now many chemicals, toxins and bad ingredients are put into these scented products (companies are getting cheap ingredients!)  So I decided to make my own that I know is 100% chemical and toxin free.  Most candles, “paraffin wax” candles create toxins that are the same found in fuel fumes! This wax is used in so many big - brand candles; they burn 3x as fast too!  So many fragrances contain carcinogens & phthalates.  My candles are made from 100% Soy wax (soy beans) which is the cleanest and slowest burning type of candle and pure cotton wicks.  The scents I use are all 100% phthalate- free fragrance oils made up from mostly essential oils.  These fragrance oils make up a strong & beautifully scented candle, without being too overpowering and safe to inhale each day.  Our products will make you feel better and brighten your mood while knowing they are healthy for you!  100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you choose to support me and my candles, I appreciate it so much and I know you will love them as much as I do.  Please make sure to write a review if you love your product!